Welcome Back, Ellen

Over the past couple months (years, really), friends and family have asked why I stopped blogging. Within the past week I have had two comments regarding my blog. Truth be told, like so many other ‘creatives’ out there - writers, bloggers, photographers, designers, etc., I haven’t been sharing online as much because I feel I have to meet some ‘standard’. This is a very typical theme throughout social media go-ers, but perhaps I’ll never feel up to that ‘standard’ I’ve created in my mind, and perhaps practice makes perfect. Or something like that.

So here I am, using this more as an outlet than anything else. Here I am, word-vomiting as I would while writing an outline for an article, but this time you get the unedited version. Here I am, drinking my homemade oat milk that turned into custard while trying to heat it up for tea. Here I am, trying to find a path to my passion of writing and photography.

Kat and I cut down a Christmas tree today! A conflicting topic: Christmas and trees. As earth advocates, we try to do the best we can in this house as far as our ‘footprint’ goes. For the past couple years we have obtained trees in pots with roots as our Christmas trees. Both so far have died. So this year, we cut one down, from a farm. These tree farms seem pretty great though - the land owners have jobs, we get to enjoy a (non-plastic) fresh tree, the tree is cut so growth is showing and it will eventually grown into a new tree. Seems pretty legit, but I do understand the many drawbacks of a majestic tree growing for many, many years, and us cutting it down to use for a month. It’s fucked up. So, we will try to recycle as much as we can from said tree:

1) Use pine needles as potpourri for the house/car
2) Stump for wood fires
3) …Other ideas?

While we’re at it, one more conflicting topic I struggle with: Christmas is an odd one. Sometimes it brings me joy as I sit by a fire and drink tea (common theme today), other times it seems like a dark time in which many friends, family, and strangers must go through this time without the loved ones they once enjoyed it with, surrounded but cut off from families who are cozy and warm.

Whew! Obviously it’s been awhile since an internet rant.
Basically, we cut down a tree, here are some photos. The tree was much bigger than we anticipated when moving it into the house…